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Develop, implement and analyze engaging marketing communications materials for targeted audience.

Act to Rise for Innovation in Special Education

17 Nov 2017 This opportunity is no longer available Share
17 Nov 2017 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
Produce a variety of marketing communications tactics including: web copy, email copy and campaigns, social media, newsletters, and any other communications tactics required. Able to understand the target audience for relevancy of marketing communication strategies and tactics that are specific for different types of audiences. Reflect this understanding in work product. Develop strategic marketing communications plans and campaigns that include appropriate and clear objectives & strategies. Other Requirements: Support a variety of marketing communications and customer experience objectives, such as lead generation, nurture campaigns, product launch and marketing campaigns. Collaborate with cross-functional teams such as products and services, to produce effective promotional materials with targeted messaging. Accessibility to Computer/Laptop, Good network internet connection and familiarity with social media platforms in specific WhatsApp and Skype.
Project development and management
Marketing and advertising
ARISE Impact is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2010, committed to transforming the learning process of visually challenged individuals through our innovative technology resources and aids. Our vision for innovative technology transformed into a mission to make a difference. At ARISE Impact, as a volunteer, your purpose is to transform the lives of differently-abled by making useful self-learning possible. You get a lot of opportunities to develop and grow while you work with an elite team. You’re empowered to do your best, work is always challenging and exciting as you see your ideas come to life. We are flexible, promote an open door policy and practice team sharing & learning.
Volunteers: 2 needed
6-10 hours per week / 30 weeks
Marketing communications experience with B2C and B2B. Exceptional writing and communications skills in English. Knowledge of Hindi and Spanish are an asset. Very strong ability to write for a variety of marketing campaign components. Strong ability to proofread and edit communications materials. Proven ability to build consensus and work effectively within a cross-departmental team. Social media communications experience with ability to develop messaging for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Good to know

Good to know

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