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Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire



ASASS-Burundi is grass-roots non-profit and non-governmental Association established with the Law, Decret-Loi No 1/011 of 18 April 1992 in the Republic of Burundi.  Since 2006, ASASS run various programs focused on:


  1. EDUCATION AND INTERNSHIP: Youth’s education is the most powerful and effective way to address global poverty.
  2.  HEALTHCARE and prevention: Addressing overall community health and well-being for all.
  3. AGRICULTURE, FOODS SECURITY and Nutrition: unemployment for young people in Burundi are high. We promote agriculture as options for employment of young peoples and for food security.


  1. Water, SANITATION AND hygiene (WASH) IN RURAL BURUNDI: ASASS seeks to prevent child mortality with small-scale water projects in Burundi.


  1. TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL SKILLS AND ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: Giving the families living at the poor levels, a sustainable mean for earning income to better live dignified living conditions by empowering peoples.


(ASASS) asbl stands for Burundi and for its people, stands for Africa, stands for the world. Human rights are the right of humanity and every time they are violated, rejected, neglected it is humanity as a whole that suffers and pays the toll. Every time a child cannot go to school or dies of hunger and deprivation, it’s not just the lost of its family, its humanity as whole that is defeated. It is not about being poor or rich or being born in Africa or somewhere else, it is a matter of justice, of dignity, a matter of humanity! ASASS-Burundi stands for all this, it works for bringing justice, education, health and participation where it is most needed.

At ASASS we do not discriminate on any ground (race, creed or sex), as we treasure diversity and the contribution that each of us can bring for the achievement of the well-being of people in Burundi and all over the world.

It welcomes and provides opportunities for global partnership both with the public and the private sector. ASASS-Burundi members are dedicated persons, of good characters and reputation, committed to voluntary socio-economic services to promote human rights, improve social justice, livelihood standards for people, and build a just society while discovering a new world and linking to millions of friends, to build ONE FAMILY IN ONE WORLD.

Opportunities from this organization

Manage the update of website content with new templates and functionalities
Technology development

Manage the update of website content with new templates and functionalities

Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

1-5 Hours / Week
Software and applications development and analysis