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Design responsive UX & UI for a multi management system software cloud based and Apps for school & socials work services

Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

14 Oct 2020 Apply now Share
14 Oct 2020 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
You design UX & UI, animate them for a responsive CMS & Dashboard of a management system software and web Apps. It will be used by students, parents, teachers ,manager staff, employees in various departments of school and social work services to end traditional practices ,and old methods of working and managing social work services and school districts institutions using papers, pen, blackboard, hands workload and wasting time and resources and enable communication. We will give details, links of Competitors ,sample screenshoots, videos to inspire you.
Art and design
Software and applications development and analysis
Our management system software project aim to end traditional practices of working using old methods of managing social work services departments and institutions -schools using papers, pen, blackboard, hands and invest also of money. They waste a lot of time in That old methods to produce data analysis, reports , to produce materials, and can't reach to customers like students without app for enrollment, they risk to loose papers as old storage can be exposed to fire, they do not have communication with parents, employees ,students so it is time to end old management methods in 21 centry. We will offer them with open source that cost them nothing, which is better than commercial management software , a SaaS, cloud based, responsive, a secure, and easy to use ERP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SOFTWARE WEB BASED AND APPS , all in one ( SMS,SIS, LMS ), and complete ( Daycare, preschool, elementary, K-12, college and university) and usable by the social work services Departments. Any one in Africa or U.S can use App or web version of software as it is hosted in Cloub, can create free Account, manage his own Admin institutions and benefit from range Features.
Volunteers: 6 needed
6-10 hours per week / 3 weeks
1) Provide a link to your previous UI &UI apps designed. 2) 5+ years in UI & User Experience Design. 3) Proficiency in the Adobe product suite including Adobe XD, as well as Sketch, Invision, or any other leading prototyping UI and UX design software, Experience working in Agile development frameworks and/or Lean UX 4) A strong portfolio that demonstrates critical and creative thinking 5) Demonstrated knowledge and experience.
English, French

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