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Develop ERP School Management System App for refugees & students in the low income areas.

Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

12 Jun 2019 Apply now Share
12 Jun 2019 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
You suggest Open Source Technology to use, develop a cloud-based schools and organisations management system (SMS), built it around robust technologies and integrate it with smart and open sources devices including Odoo, ERP School modules to get an Open Source Community (SMS) for physical schools, online Learning programs and organisations supported by ASASS non-profit. It will be accessible from a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. SMS will be suite for each and every educational institute—nursery school, college and universities which want to reduce paper use, waste of time, unnecessary employees, and ressources to perform multiple administrative and management tasks from one system/server. It will be used to help and enable parents to communicate with school staff, teachers, and their children. You can learn, track everything, get information or notices. It is most complete automation multi-organisations application web system for unlimited schools, users and languages.
Technology development
Software and applications development and analysis
We quickly approach deadline of SDG. But, more than 90 % of schools in developing world and in developed countries seem not toward achievement of education goal for local children, refugees and international students and ensure effective communication between schools, parents, human ressources and students. This is because administration and management is not well facilitated by technologies. Yet, many education performance literature say, schools today need to be competent and come out top in providing quality education, improve leaning environment and evaluation methods. But, school fails due to their poor school administration and management methods. One has only to look at the successful schools by understanding how enormously their functions and functionalities vary from an ideal list of school virtues and others can judge school is in danger of losing their real concern by viewing how it is managed, its administration and school communication with parents, students and human ressources, best complete open source Odoo and ERP school administration software will offer schools and organisations what they needs in technologies for everything they do.
Volunteers: 9 needed
6-10 hours per week / 16 weeks
APPLY ONLY IF YOU MEET THESE REQUIRMENTS: 1) Knowldge of Odoo and ERP school Technology 2) Experience or have developed an Open Source School Management System or LMS 3) Computer programming , 4) Able to suggest us what technology we will use to install modules to get Free SMS with unlimited features, unlimited users, unlimited solutions, etc.
English, French

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