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Translate Project Files on Volunteer Service (Chinese-English)

Beijing Volunteer Service Federation

14 Sep 2021 Apply now Share
14 Sep 2021 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
As a significant partner of UNV China, Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (BVF) has just launched the Project of Promoting Sustainable Urban Development through Volunteer Service for the Beijing Winter Olympics, in 2021 with UNDP, UNV and CICETE. BVF is looking for the support of online volunteers with excellent language proficiency in Chinese and English. The selected volunteers will be expected to translate the project newsletters and profiles, and translate three training courses designed by experts from UNV and UNDP for the Winter Olympic volunteers. The task involves: 1) translation of 5 project newsletters and profiles, about 20 pages in total; 2) translating the slides of three training courses, which have about 110 pages; 3) ensuring the quality of translation; 4) improving the format before submitting them. The final translation should be understandable to the readers in terms of its purpose, coherence and fidelity.
Translation and interpretation
The Project of Promoting Sustainable Urban Development through Volunteer Service for the Beijing Winter Olympics aims to facilitate the volunteer service for the Winter Olympics, develop a collaboration network for volunteering in Olympic cities and enhance youth engagement in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through volunteerism. During the project, UN experts will design and develop three training courses for Winter Olympic volunteers. The subjects include SDGs and our life, inclusive development, and volunteerism for SDGs. The course will empower Olympic volunteers, raise volunteers' awareness of sustainable development, and cultivate talents with outstanding capabilities in the field of sustainable urban development. UNV’s partnership with the Beijing Volunteer Service Federation dates back to 2007, when the two partners first collaborated on volunteer training and strengthening volunteerism for development within the context of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.
Volunteers: 20 needed
20+ hours per week / 15 weeks
1) Passion and professionalism: Strong interests and experience in volunteer service or related activities. 2) Language skill: High proficiency in translation between Chinese and English.
English, Chinese

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