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Translation of the UN Volunteers Interview Report (Chinese-English)

Beijing Volunteer Service Federation

15 Sep 2020 Apply now Share
15 Sep 2020 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
Between 2017 and 2019, Beijing Volunteer Service Federation (BVF) has funded, selected and deployed 6 UN youth volunteers to UNDP, UNV and UN-Habitat in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Kenya. After volunteers finished their assignments, BVF conducted a series of tailor-made and semi-structured interviews with UN volunteers to understand their work in the UN agencies and analyze their practical experience. Based on interviews and case studies, BVF drafted an Interview Report as one of main project achievements and provided recommendations for future volunteers. Therefore, BVF is looking for the support of online volunteers with excellent language proficiency in Chinese and English. The selected volunteers will be expected to translate the Report from Chinese to English, which has 130 pages. The task involves: 1) translation and ensuring the quality of translation; 2) editing and proofreading the text, and improving the format before submitting it.
Translation and interpretation
From 2016 to 2020, UNV and BVF jointly implement their Phase III Project, Strengthening China’s Involvement in the Development of International Volunteer Service through South-South Cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative, which has created opportunities for young Chinese to engage in regional and international cooperation following the principles of South-South Cooperation and sustainable development. Recruiting and sending UN youth volunteers is an important part of the Phase III Project and is also an important measure to push forward the international development of volunteerism in Beijing. This further strengthens the training of international volunteering talent, and allows the Chinese youth to fully immerse themselves in international voluntary service. The UN Volunteers Interview Report records and summarizes the youth volunteers’ stories and working experience on the ground, and has an in-depth analysis of their personal development and career development during the assignment. Therefore, translation of the Report will help to publicize volunteers' successful examples, mobilize more volunteers and scale up the positive influence of UN youth volunteers.
Volunteers: 5 needed
20+ hours per week / 3 weeks
1) Passion and professionalism: Strong interests and experience in volunteer service or related activities. 2) Language skill: High proficiency in translation between Chinese and English.
English, Chinese

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