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Colombian Red Cross Team

Leonardo Parrado Varón, Susana Mammola

05 Dec 2013

The Colombian Red Cross collaborated with online volunteers to design training resources for Red Cross volunteers, produce educational materials for vulnerable communities, draft the 50th anniversary edition of the Grey Ladies Magazine and develop an outreach campaign for the recruitment of national Red Cross volunteers.

Thanks to the contributions of Leonardo Parrado Varón, a professional designer from Colombia, and Susana Mamola, an Argentinian communication specialist, the Colombian Red Cross optimized its resources and strengthened the implementation of its action plan. "Online volunteering has proven to be a very positive strategy to encourage dialogue and knowledge sharing between Red Cross volunteers and experts in other fields who -- from a virtual environment -- contribute to improving the training and impact of our volunteers throughout the whole country," states Lorena Tarazona Claro from the Colombian Red Cross. 

Leonardo started volunteering in January 2012. "What has left a mark in my life goes along these lines: If you want quick results, cultivate corn. If you want results in the long run, cultivate trees. If you want results that last forever, cultivate a person. That is precisely what I learned from this volunteering experience: more than anything else, cultivating other people will make a difference in our future”.

With 20 years’ experience in advertising, volunteering has been a part of Susana’s life since 2003 and includes creating content for women’s campaigns to fight breast cancer and domestic violence, as well as volunteering in a children’s hospital in Buenos Aires. “I applied to volunteer with the Colombian Red Cross because I admire the social work that they do in disasters and emergencies. It makes me very happy to know that the material that I produced as a volunteer has enabled other volunteers to be trained in emergency response”.

The Team

  • Leonardo Parrado Varón

  • Susana Mammola