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Volunteers working together online and on the ground for the MY World Survey in Bangladesh

The United Nations Volunteers programme in Bangladesh involved a team of more than 50 online volunteers to reach out to Bangladeshi people and add their voices to the MY World survey.

02 Feb 2016

My World is a global survey asking citizens to choose their priorities for a better world.

UN Youth Volunteer Merel Fuchs coordinated the dissemination and analysis of the MY World Survey in Bangladesh and the volunteers’ involvement in the process: online volunteers translated the survey’s ballot card and other texts into Bangla. Volunteers on the ground disseminated the survey in many different regions of Bangladesh and talked to people about their development priorities to collect the data. “Online volunteers from Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia dedicated their time to enter survey results into official spread-sheets provided by MY World. By doing so they greatly contributed to the success and made the votes of the participants count globally,” Merel says.

Thanks to the joint contributions of online volunteers and volunteers on the ground, the data of nearly 4200 MY World participants was collected and analyzed by the end of June 2013, showing that the top priorities for young people in Bangladesh -- the main target group of the survey -- are good education and better job opportunities. “Only through the joint efforts of online volunteers and volunteers in the country could this project be implemented smoothly,” Merel emphasized. “Promoting My World in Bangladesh was an initiative that brought together many different people from different organizations and agencies as well as many volunteers.”

Md.Moshfaqur Rahman, a Policy and Management Analyst, and Bushra Tabassum, who is a final-year Economics student, volunteered online to enter the survey data, and appreciated the global dimension of the project as well as the opportunity to contribute to making the voice of their fellow Bangladeshi nationals heard.

But the MY World survey assignment also brought together people of different backgrounds and geographical locations. Lilani Seram from Sri Lanka, who has ten years of work experience in human resources, had volunteered for various charities in the U.K. before discovering online volunteering. Benjamin Katongo, a Zambian national, works for the Ministry of Finance and realized through the assignment the impact that the development goals can have for people from all walks of life. Dr. Kingsley Ojeikere, a Medical Doctor from Nigeria, found that volunteering is an investment and a win-win situation.

Chinese national Zhiyi Chen, who lives in Italy, was impressed by the power of change that volunteerism can bring. Just like Deike Lautenschlaeger, a German PhD student living in Taipei, who is researching migration and new media, and who appreciated the inclusive approach of the MY World survey. By working together with many volunteers, the limited possibilities of an individual “can become part of a bigger force and really do something good.”

The Team

  • Md.Moshfaqur Rahman

  • Bushra Tabassum

  • Lilani Seram

    Sri Lanka / United Kingdom
  • Benjamin Katongo

  • Deike Lautenschlaeger

    Germany / China
  • Kingsley Ojeikere

  • Zhiyi Chen