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Support in Selection and Sitting up Microsoft 365 and Azure Packages for BRD Organization

Bureau for Rights-Based Development BRD

24 Jul 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
24 Jul 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
BRD is currently in need of professional and dedicated online volunteers who are specialized in Microsoft 365, Azure and Domain Management to support us in selection, and setting up Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure services under Microsoft non-profit offer, including its integration with our existing platforms. The online volunteers will be responsible for selection and full setup and activation of all components Microsoft 365 and relevant services from Azure, and BRD domain management. This includes the selection and configuration of the office 365 and Azure packages under Microsoft non-profit offer, its integration with existing platforms such as Google suites, and BRD domains in the current hosting server. In addition to that the online volunteers will support BRD in startup stage of managing these tools and services.
COVID-19 Response
IT architecture and IT project management
BRD is a non-profit charity organization working in the area of human rights, social protection, environment, protection of culture heritage, promotion of good governance and accountability and civil society empowerment in Afghanistan. Due to ongoing COVID -19 Pandemic, BRD is going through digital transformation to enable for continuation of its services. BRD has been currently with the opportunities to utilize Microsoft 365 and Azure services, under its non-profit offer. It will provide BRD with the tools and platforms, which will help BRD to improve and increase the effectives its operation and services, as non-profit organization supporting the needy people in the frontline, and facilitate our access to the resources required to achieve its mission and goals.
Volunteers: 2 needed
6-10 hours per week / 8 weeks
Knowledge about Non-Profit organization’s work, Specialized expertise in setting up Microsoft 365 packages and Microsoft Azure services, Server and Domain Configuration and cloud hosting. Ability to integrate these tools and services with BRD existing platforms such as G-suit and Box, ASANA and Slack. Team player with the confidence to guide other team members when necessary in digital transformation. Have sufficient available time to work effectively and achieve the project within the deadline.

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Good to Know

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