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Cameroon Association of Active Youths (CAMAAY)

03 May 2021 Apply now Share
03 May 2021 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
CAMAAY is a fledgling organization with a lot of passion and project ideas. CAMAAY believe it is every child's right to have access to education and that education is the most powerful weapon they can use to change their story, their community, and the world. Unfortunately, many children of school-age in Cameroon and more precisely in the conflict affected regions. We are looking for interested volunteers with a passion for project management, grant writing and fundraising ideas. Volunteers will assist us in brainstorming and proposing ideas to raise funds and support vulnerable children to go back to school by providing them support packages. Additional information will be provided at project initiation and a team leader will be appointed to supervise the task. Volunteers will not be requested to submit any funding request on behalf of your organization.
Writing and editing
Development programme/project administration
The mission of CAMAAY is to help vulnerable or marginalized young people achieve their full potential, regardless of sex, background, religion, colour, or mental or physical disability, and to harness that energy to create healthy, prosperous, independent, and sustainable communities. Our goals for Cameroon are food security, economic independence, a sustainable environment, and human dignity for all. CAMAAY is a fledgling organization with a lot of passion and project ideas. To progress their projects, they would like to research relevant grant which align with the objectives of their projects. We try to ensure that these children have access to quality basic education by supporting them with school fees, essential scholastic materials such as school uniforms, sports equipment, school shoes, school bags pens, pencils, notebooks and other essential scholastic and technological resources in the form of back to school support packages.
Volunteers: 10 needed
6-10 hours per week / 2 weeks
An ideal candidates should have an intermediate level of English, good writing skills, access to the internet. Good experience in grant writing, project management and fundraising, volunteers are requested to submit copies of their CV with their applications. They should be able to work with minimal supervision. Prior role as a fundraising officer for a similar non-profit will be an added advantage
Northern America
English, French

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Good to Know

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