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Child Awareness Project


Child Awareness Project aims to make the world a safer and better place for children. We do this by advocating for children's rights (from the UNCRC framework) and incorporating them with the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (e.g. SDG 4). We do this by means of advocacy both online and on-ground. Our mission is #ChildProofingTheWorld. This means that while parents/guardians/teachers work to childproof the environment of a child, they forget that the world is unfortunately a very unsafe place for children. For about 6 months - 1 year, we pick an issue affecting children. We break that issue down into 4 aspects and use this outline to direct our campaigning: 

1) Assessing current level of awareness/status quo of issue

2) Working to increase level of awareness among public

3) Encouraging public to take action

4) Assessing impact of campaign

For more information feel free to get in touch at info@thecapro.org

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