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Delta Women Empowerment Initiative


Delta Women is a non-profit (NGO) organization dedicated to impacting the lives of the Delta state women worldwide. Our aim is to enable women to enhance and develop their quality of life, thereby becoming the architects of their own futures and lives by presenting opportunities for spiritual, educational, and economic transformation. Delta Women is committed to empowering women, strengthening families and transforming their communities in the process.

The Vision

* To be a contributory force in the emancipation of women by helping them cope with the rigors of the 21st century.
* To assist in the dispensing of myths that have held women bound to the shackles of the past.
* To encourage women's voices to be heard and respected by all.
* To lift the profile of Delta Women and enable them to take a seat in driving the Delta State and Nigeria forward.

The Goals

* To lift the political profile of Delta Women
* To blaze a trail and inspire women throughout Nigeria to become more involved in the socio-economic and political arenas

Opportunities from this organization

This organization has not created any opportunities yet.