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Provide technical advice on agriculture during this Covid -19

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11 Feb 2021 Apply now Share
11 Feb 2021 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
The online volunteer will help the project coordinator to planning and designing for agriculture (Bee-keeping, Vegetable Growing, Crops) and rural livelihoods, and design monitoring and evaluation systems. The discussion will also involve how to secure funding / Fundraising to help the farmers in rural Mukono; in this case they will help to write grant proposals and search for funding. Share ideas on how to market the products and how to apply new techno ledge which can improve on the yield production. Volunteers will not be requested to submit any funding request on behalf of our organization. It will take 26 weeks maximum and we shall share ideas and knowledge on how to enable and empower community members and provide them with the necessary micro credit, agricultural training and business development strategies they need to generate income, profits and enter agricultural micro enterprise.
COVID-19 Response
Agriculture and agro-industry
The organization's agricultural strategy is aimed at improving rural livelihoods, including agriculture linked to income, health/nutrition and disasters. The bulk of Uganda's economy is supported by agriculture industry – cotton, coffee, tea, fish, and vanilla. These cash crops provide the financial backbone of the country; yet the profits generated are inadequate especially in poorer communities. The small farmers and rural poor suffer from a lack of capital and access to markets. To prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and mitigate its effects To improve agricultural production by making necessary resources available To stimulate, promote, and support economic activities in rural communities that improve quality of life for disadvantaged and marginalized persons To build and strengthen the capacity of community groups in order to improve upon management and planning at the local level.
Volunteers: 1 needed
6-10 hours per week / 26 weeks
The task requires an in depth understanding of and significant experience in agriculture and agro-enterprise in focusing on sustainable agriculture, market development, risk reduction, husbandry and participatory methods for small farm agriculture. Also requires familiarity with Livelihood Security or Sustainable Livelihoods approaches. Knowledge of the agriculture and rural development policy environment and Successful grant/proposal writing experience.

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