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Submit an inspiring story per week for 8 weeks about Mozambique to build a Young Environmental Journalist Network

Environmental Governance Programme EGP

30 Apr 2019 This opportunity is no longer available Share
30 Apr 2019 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
With a thematic focus on Mozambique, UN Online Volunteers will help the Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) - Produce inspiring stories of change related to the governance of the mining sector in the EGP programme countries to be promoted in the EGP community of practice at Goxi platform, the new EGP website and the EGP newsletters; - Engage the youth in a constructive manner, giving them voice and power to shape stories and build momentum for change in the governance of the mining sector; and - Capture recent developments and inspiring stories from the programme countries to motivate action in other regions and countries. For 8 weeks, volunteers will submit a draft story every week for review. If cleared, they will be published on the Goxi platform, the new EGP website and promote it on UNDP and Swedish social media.
Writing and editing
Journalism, mass media and broadcasting
During the next two months, the Swedish environmental protection agency together with UNDP are recruiting dedicated online volunteers with experience in network building, online campaigns & a passion for environmental issues. Young people all around the world are increasingly aware of the importance of the protection of our environment, their rights and of the need for their involvement in shaping the direction of the future. Tapping into the potential of young people in these countries to shine a light on important issues. To capture this energy and empower young people we are launching a Young environmental journalist network. The main aim of this project is to capture stories of change related to environmental and human rights protection. It will be a web-based community reporting effort where 10 volunteers will be chosen for each EGP country in this first iteration. This group focuses Mozambique and will particularly look at issues regarding: • Efforts to curb deforestation trends • Participatory environmental monitoring committees • Preservation of water and quality control of water resources
Volunteers: 10 needed
6-10 hours per week / 8 weeks
The Mozambique focus group will help the EGP produce content and stories of change about the what is working well in the governance of the mining sector in this country and will help revamp and reenergize the EGP community of practice at the Goxi platform and generate content for the EGP website and newsletters. As a requirement the chosen candidates will need to complete an online course on the Unitar website regarding principles and knowledge that the EGP stands for.
English, Portuguese

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