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Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization (ECYDO)

Eshet Children and Youth Development Organization (ECYDO) (formerly known as Eshet children and Youth Unity Association Ethiopia (ECYUA/Ethiopia)) was established in 2001 as Youth NGO with strong initiative of those young women and men living in the area, where in which the organization is currently operating. The dire social, economic and health situation of children and young people living in the area were among the major reasons that provoked the founders to establish the organization.


1.1. Legal Status


1.2. Vision

ECYDO envisions seeing economically self-reliant, dignified, healthy and responsible Generation people in Ethiopia


1.3. Mission

ECYDO strives to decrease new HIV infections and STIs, promote Sexual and Reproductive Health education and youth friendly services; alleviate socio-economic problems of children and young people, and promote environment protection through awareness creation, trainings, economic empowerment opportunities, networking and partnership, and promoting and reinforcing community based responses


1.4. Goal

The goal of ECYDO is to improve the awareness level on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health, improve the social, economic and health   situation of children and youth, and advance their participation in the development of arts, culture, science and environmental protection. 


1.5. Objectives


1.6 Core Values


The core values of ECYDO are the following:     

Opportunities from this organization

This organization has not created any opportunities yet.