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Fundación EcoSur


EcoSur seeks to become a self-sustainable multicultural community, a place where human unity can be realized and thrive in harmony with the environment above all ideologies, nationalities and creeds. A bottom-up rather than top-bottom initiative, EcoSur will be built by and for common people with limited material resources, who are intent on building a healthier future for themselves. The foundation will in turn share its experiences, expertise and insights back into the local activities and the World to contribute to establishing new paradigms for human life on the planet. 

The nascent community will explore and implement modern and ancient technologies from all walks of life to achieve sustainable and affordable housing, organic agriculture, and renewable energies, with the overarching long-term goal of reducing its overall carbon footprint toward a minimum. In doing so, EcoSur will ensure a horizontal social organization without hierarchies, where every individual enjoys the same rights, collectively determining the future of the community through a participative democracy.

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