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Girls Education Mission International is on a mission to Girls Education Mission International is on a mission to breaking down barriers that hold girls back with a focused - on defending, protecting and promoting the rights of girls to education, health, technology and economic power and advocating for their opportunity to fulfil their potentials. Girls Education Mission International single goal is to ensure every girl child is equipped and reach full human potentials.Our specific objectives and activities are to:

1.Raise awareness of the violence against girls and women and advocating and creating space for scaling up successful policies through opened and inclusive dialogue at all levels of the society.

2.Mobilize necessary financial and human resources and other support to fight factors that often hold girls back.

3.To identify vulnerable girls and provide them with basic support they need to succeed in their education and beyond.

We provide integrated package of Education, Mentoring, Livelihood, Advocacy and capacity building towards reaching our goals.

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