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The Gracious Foundation


Our guiding principle is that every person deserves the opportunity to explore, develop & exploit their potential, regardless of their background. Everyone deserves to "RUN THIER OWN RACE" in life. This principle is very much in line with the spirit of the SDG. Our goal is to contribute to the achievement of SDGs in Kenya through focused community development work. To achieve this goal, our overall objectives are:

  1. To support and  mentor girls & boys from disadvantaged backgrounds to overcome constraints related to being born in poor conditions, access and utilise education and become the best they can be;
  2. Support youth and young adults to explore opportunities and prosper in life regardless of how far they reached through the formal education system;  
  3. Support women to explore apportunities around them and improve thier livelihoods and that of thier families and;
  4. Empower communities to exercise voice, hold thier leaders accountable for public service delivery and become agents of thier own development.

Opportunities from this organization

This organization has not created any opportunities yet.