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Nature Preservation Foundation

The principal objectives of the NPF, amongst others, are to:   

(a) Operate and manage the property for and on behalf of the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) for the purpose of research, conservation, sustainable development, environmental education, and recreation;   

(b) Operate and manage a wildlife sanctuary, natural green space and botanic gardens for admission to the public; 

(c) Establish and maintain a wide collection of plant species whether by natural or artificial means for the purpose of facilitatory research, environmental education, conservation, and public recreation;   

(d) Ensure the physical development of the estate in accordance with the approved and comprehensive plans for the gardens as a Heritage Site, botanical attraction, green recreation, and fitness facility;  

 (e) Position the gardens as a premier national attraction and part of the Tourism Product.

Opportunities from this organization

This organization has not created any opportunities yet.