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Tuvalu Association of Non-Governmental Organisations


Our Mission: ‘To promote and support sustainable community-driven development in Tuvalu through the provision of access to funding, training and information and by encouraging collaboration and communication between NGOs, government and international agencies’

1. To strengthen the organizational capacity of TANGO Secretariat to develop and deliver capacity building services to NGOs/CBOs
2. To strengthen the capacity of NGOs in Tuvalu to initiate and manage action for sustainable human development
3. To respond to community human development needs by delivering initiatives on cross-cutting issues
4. To increase cooperation, coordination and networking between NGOs, donors and governments operating in Tuvalu
5. To provide timely and relevant information on topics of concern to NGOs/CBOs in Tuvalu

ACTIVITIES (To name but a few):

1.1.1 Develop a finance manual to ensure effective maintenance of finance systems

1.1.2 Pursue an external audit as a matter of urgency

1.1.3 Conduct a review of office policies and procedures and amend accordingly

1.1.4 Conduct an external performance audit or gap analysis

1.1.5 Conduct a planning session, member s and stakeholder engagement process to develop a 2014-2016 Strategic Priorities document

1.1.6 Amend the constitution to reflect TANGO’s evolved mission

1.1.7 Develop a documented staff orientation process

1.1.8 Develop and maintain an up-to-date member information list with contacts & priorities

1.2.1 Proactively seek funding to pursue activities in line with TANGO’s strategic priorities

1.2.2 Approach international volunteer programs to seek capability building assistance in areas consistent with TANGO’s strategic priorities

1.2.3 Develop a local volunteer scheme based on research into other successful overseas and local programs and recruit volunteers to fill TANGO staffing gaps

1.2.4 Improve TANGO staff skills-base by developing and progressing individual staff training and Professional Development (PD) plans

2.1.1 Conduct periodic member needs assessments through the collection of strategic priorities

2.2.1 Meet with/conduct email correspondence with donors & development partners at every opportunity (in-country and abroad) to increase support base for NGOs/CBOs and proactively seek funding in line with member needs

2.2.2 Establish a directory of information on donors, funding options, funding schedules, donor priorities and application guidelines

2.3.1 Develop/deliver training on basic Financial Management & produce a training manual

2.3.2 Develop/deliver training on Effective Communication & produce a training manual

2.3.3 Develop/deliver training on effective Monitoring & Evaluation, base-line surveying and produce a training manual

2.3.4 Develop/deliver training on Project Proposal Development, where possible piggy-backing off subject matter trainings to benefit from recent knowledge transfer

2.3.5 Provide as needed technical assistance to members in developing project proposals and managing project delivery

2.3.6 Provide access to development sector specific trainings through TANGO project delivery (4CA, TWWS, VFL)

2.4.1 Assist members to attract volunteer resources through international programs

2.4.2 Facilitate study exchanges/tours for member representatives

3.1.1 In partnership with members, develop project proposals to attract funds and resources to deliver community driven development initiatives, as appropriate

3.1.2 Deliver the Child Centred Climate Change (4CA) project

3.1.3 Deliver the TANGO Outreach Component of the Tuvalu Water Waste and Sanitation (TWWS) project

3.1.4 Work in collaboration with CBOs and relevant government departments to develop and coordinate the delivery of a Parenting Workshop addressing underage drinking, petrol sniffing and associated issues

3.1.5 Work in collaboration with NGOs and relevant Gov departments to support key World Day activities

3.1.6 Align development initiatives with the Te Kakeega II and other relevant national policies where possible

3.1.7 Manage TANGO’s role as Capacity Development Organisation (CDO) under the Pacific Islands HIV Response Fund Program

3.1.8 Manage TANGO’s role as the National Coordinating Organisation under the Views from the Frontline (VFL) Project

4.1.1 Participate in task forces, networks and steering committees and circulate meeting outcomes/minutes to EXCOM and members

4.1.2 Lobby and encourage NGOs to take part in task forces, networks and steering committees

4.1.3 Facilitate communications between NGOs and stakeholders at the national, regional and international level by providing contacts/links

4.1.4 Conduct comprehensive NGO/Govt stakeholder engagement before all project development

4.1.5 Develop and deliver technical training on Info Management and Sharing and associated guidelines for future use

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