How does it work?

The Online Volunteering service connects organizations working for sustainable human development with volunteers. Organizations collaborate with online volunteers over the Internet to strengthen the impact of their development work.

Thousands of volunteers are ready to provide their support: professionals, students, retirees and expatriates from across the globe volunteer their skills online to help organizations address development challenges.


  1. You apply for your organization’s registration with the Online Volunteering service.
  2. UNV gives you access to opportunity and volunteer management tools if your organization complies with the eligibility criteria.
  3. You submit an opportunity in which you describe the volunteers’ tasks.
  4. UNV publishes your opportunity if it is in line with the opportunity criteria.
  5. Online volunteers search for opportunities that match their profiles and interests, and submit their applications to your organization through the Online Volunteering service website.
  6. You select the volunteers you would like to involve.
  7. You collaborate with the selected volunteers over the Internet.
  8. You submit feedback and issue a certificate of appreciation to volunteers upon completion of an assignment.