The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is redesigning its yearly award concept to recognize the achievements of both of UN Online Volunteers and (on-site) UN Volunteers, with a focus on innovation.

While we are preparing the new award concept, we strongly encourage organizations and volunteers to share with us their online volunteering success stories and best practices to be featured in the newsletter.

Who is eligible to be featured in the newsletter?

Online volunteers who supported an organization working for peace and development over the Internet, or organizations that collaborated with online volunteers, can submit their stories to be considered for the newsletter. The online collaboration must date back less than two years and must have been facilitated through the UNV Online Volunteering service.


We are especially interested in featuring stories that demonstrate:

1. Online volunteers’ commitment and contribution
2. Results of the collaboration and impact on the organization’s activities


The UNV Online Volunteering newsletter presents an opportunity for both, online volunteers and organizations, to bring their online volunteering experiences and good practices to the attention of a global audience.

Your experience may inspire others and thus help mobilize more volunteers to engage in peace and development activities over the Internet, or encourage more organizations to strengthen their efforts by tapping into the rich resource that online volunteers provide.

If you want to submit your story, please complete the form below and send it by email to info@onlinevolunteering.org.

Name of the organization(s):
Name(s) of the organization representative(s):
Name(s) and email address(es) of the volunteer(s):
Duration of the online collaboration: From …. to……

1. Describe in detail how online volunteer(s) contributed to the organization’s projects. Include a description of the project(s).
2. Describe how you organized the online collaboration (e.g. processes, tools, relationship).
3. Describe the result of the collaboration and its impact on the organization and its project(s).
4. Why do you think this is a great story for the newsletter?
5. Add any additional comments you would like to make.