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Paajaf Foundation


Paajaf Foundation is a non governmental and humanitarian services organization geared towards providing a level playing field for Orphans, Other Vulnerable Children and Women. It was set up Philip Kyei Appiah and Juliet Yayra Afua Adusei with a mission:
1. To provide information and education; regarding children rights, adult education/literacy training for women and girls.
To provide education and information to foster orphans and other vulnerable children.
2. To educate people on discrimination against orphans and other vulnerable children
3. To equip women and the female youths with vocational skills/handiworks.
4. HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer and Other Communicable Diseases prevention education, care and support.
5. To provide practical and social support for orphans, women and other vulnerable children.
To research policies covering the orphans, children and women in local, district, national and international levels

Opportunities from this organization

Software development using Microsoft Access
Technology development

Software development using Microsoft Access

Paajaf Foundation

11-20 Hours / Week
Software and applications development and analysis