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Teach Indigenous African Language and Offer Administrative Support for PASDO's China-Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI)


23 Jul 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
23 Jul 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
The Peace Advocacy and Sustainable Development Outreach, PASDO, is looking for volunteers that are fluent in one (or more) of about 32 selected African languages and can teach such language to some Chinese to enable them make a short video in the African language. This is part of PASDO's China-Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI), a program aimed at resolving the rising tensions between Africa and China related to the handling of Coronavirus. The volunteers will also need to perform some other online administrative tasks that would involve research, writing, monitoring and documentation, fundraising and others. Interested applicants should visit https://www.pasdo.org/capi-alv/ for a list of the languages and how to create a profile required for this application on PASDO.
Teaching and training
Language teaching
The handling of the second wave of the Coronavirus infections in China saw Chinese authorities, especially in the Guangdong province, launch a crackdown that unfairly targeted black Africans in a move that has been widely condemned as racist. Video footage of such ill treatments quickly spread in Africa via social media, sparking outrage and deepening the hatred for China among many Africans who, before now, felt that China was responsible for their sufferings (by bringing about the virus that led to current wide scale lock-down and consequent hunger and economic hardships). This development has put at risk the lives of the 1-10 million Chinese citizens thought to live in Africa, including their properties, livelihoods and interests, and the relative peace that have existed between them and their hosts. A number of ordinary Chinese citizens are signing up to PASDO’s China-Africa Peace Initiative (CAPI), where they will make endearing videos to denounce hatred for black Africans and help calm the tension in order to avert reprisal attacks. They need volunteers that can guide them through making the short videos in local African languages for enhanced results.
Volunteers: 25 needed
11-20 hours per week / 8 weeks
Volunteers must be proficient in English language and in one of the African languages of interest. Visit https://www.pasdo.org/capi-alv/ for list of languages. Volunteer must be someone who has the patience and ability to teach, and must be willing to be engaged with other online administrative tasks that involve research, writing, monitoring and documentation, publicity, fundraising, etc. Sometimes, we may need to verify volunteers using government-issued photo ID and proof of residence.

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