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SAKHLI - Advice Center for Women


Sakhli –Advice Center for Women was founded in 1997 on the basis of British Charitable organization Oxfam and established as an independent organization in 2000. The aim of the Sakhli is to overcome domestic violence (DV) and to support the victims of domestic violence. Objectives of Sakhli as defined by statutes: 1.Realization of the projects against violence and facilitation of the methods of protective structures; realization of gender projects 2.Awareness raising 3.Research work and sociological activities 4.Development of methodologies to combat domestic violence in cooperation with local and foreign expert 5.Raise the level of self-evaluation and self-consciousness of women 6.Protect human rights 7.Provision of consultative services 8.Develop civil education; support active citizenship 9.Organization of seminars, conferences, symposiums, public debates 10.Charitable activities. Activities of Sakhli: Sakhli has laid foundation for the implementation of multidimensional work on the problem of domestic violence, that is carried out in the following directions: I. Service provision to victims of violence, in the form of free psycho-social, legal, medical, mental health, social consultations and rehabilitation; II. Prevention of domestic violence, including: 1. awareness raising and promoting adequate public opinion on DV issue, through trainings, advertising activities (social ad), TV and radio programs, creating documentary films etc, 2.promoting legislative reforms; 3.carrying out research work; 4. networking Sakhli was the first organization in the country focusing on the problem of domestic violence and has been carrying out extensive work in this direction for over 15 years. The experience gained by the organization through its practical work in the field of DV has played significant role in disclosure of the urgency of the problem as well as the necessity of settling the issues of victims’ support, rehabilitation and protection. Sakhli was actively involved in elaboration of - “ The Law of Georgia on Elimination of Domestic Violence, Protection and Support of Victims” (adopted in 2006) in 2003-2005, - the National Action Plans on Domestic Violence. Sakhli is a women’s organization, which is headed and staffed by women. The organization has a board that consists of six members. The decision-making takes place at the staff meetings, which all the staff members attend. The staff of the organization consists of psychologists, social workers, lawyer, psychiatrist, doctor and finance manager.

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