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Manage back-end IT development of new donations platform

SCOOP Foundation

03 Nov 2017 This opportunity is no longer available Share
03 Nov 2017 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
We are looking for an online volunteer, experienced as IT professional / full stack / back end developer to help us create an adventurous new type of donations platform. We are creating a donations platform that is a type of lottery, but with a twist, and we have recognised the need for an IT professional to help guide us as we develop and create it. We have spotted obstacles such as back end development, data protection, security certs, the actual security features needed for holding people's credit / debit card details or account information etc that we could really do with the guidance from a professional who has experience in building such platforms. As per this site's Terms and Conditions, online volunteers will not be asked to donate themselves.
Project development and management
IT architecture and IT project management
The mission of the platform will be to end child poverty and suffering around the world. A bold statement but one we believe the power of this idea can achieve. As we work off a small annual budget in an attempt to build schools in the developing world and to support mobile clinics and doctors in Syria, we need to come up with innovative, usually digital ways of fundraising, and we believe we have come up with an excellent idea that doesn't exist in the UK yet. Unfortunately we simply cannot afford the huge fees that full stack developers charge, so we are using the wealth of professionals involved with the Online Volunteering service to try and pull off a website / donations platform that we believe will change 1000s of lives every year, for decades to come. We feel it is a brilliant, but an adventurous, idea, so we are looking for a Project Manager with a view to IT development to help us bring it to life.
Volunteers: 1 needed
6-10 hours per week / 16 weeks
Previous project mgmt experience desirable. Knowledge in IT, UX design and development, full stack, back end development etc essential.
United Kingdom

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Good to know

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