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Provide advice on managerial strategies for a new donor building project

SCOOP Foundation

01 Aug 2018 This opportunity is no longer available Share
01 Aug 2018 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
We are looking for someone with exceptional Project Mgmt and leadership skills to work closely with our Founders and current MDs, as we launch a brand new donor community. You will help create the structure through which to run the idea, and will help create promotional and managerial strategies. The organisation, and initiative, will benefit greatly from having someone solely focus on it, as it launches and finds its feet. In short, we want to create an engaged and passionate community of regular (monthly) donors, and in turn we want to offer them rewards & perks, either from our own end (events, meet ups, merch) or with partner companies (venues, restaurants etc). It is the first time such an idea has existed here in Ireland, so there is certainly a challenge in getting it set up and getting new signs ups each week. The volunteer will not submit any funding request on behalf of our organization.
Leadership & strategy
Resource mobilization, partnership and donor coordination
This new initiative will become the backbone of our fundraising and marketing drive. It will allow us to make connections with donors and businesses alike. It will allow us to connect our donors / supporters to the projects they are donating too. It will help us post continuous & relevant social media content. It will allow us to reach a wider audience, beginning with Ireland but moving abroad, reaching new audiences in new countries. The funds raised from the donor community will allow us to continue building schools in developing countries such as Cambodia, India & Kenya - offering a free education to young people caught in poverty cycles; and to begin building schools in new countries. We will also be able to support more disaster relief causes too. In the future we want to be able to react to the most needed causes on the planet, and we believe building up our donor community can make that happen. And this is what we need you to help us with.
Volunteers: 1 needed
1-5 hours per week / 12 weeks
The ideal candidate will have had previous experience in Project Mgmt, business development, leadership and Business2Business development. Knowledge of social media platforms and marketing techniques desirable. Able to communicate efficiently over email / online. Knowledge of websites, mobile technology, online ticket sales and business to business comms also desirable. An interest in event mgmt and running large scale events also desirable.

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