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Build a Social Media Communication Plan for Nepal Learning Center Project

Silent Voices

31 Oct 2018 This opportunity is no longer available Share
31 Oct 2018 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
We need your help to build a social media communication plan for promotion of our latest project. Silent Voices ( and Local Women’s Handicrafts ( are working together to build a Learning Centre where we will provide literacy to local marginalized women and train them on handicraft’s design and production, social and environmental awareness and leadership skills. The volunteer is expected to produce suitable content for our Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin); and define what should be posted and when, in line with project timeline: Nov/2018: construction work; Dec/2018: main construction finalized; Jan/2019: furnishing and equipping; Feb/2019: inauguration. Key goals for us are to (i) ensure transparency and allow Silent Voices to report back to donors; (ii) Increase engagement with donors; and (iii) promote our Recurring Giving Program aiming to provide a consistent flow of revenue that can sustain our operations in Nepal.
Project development and management
Journalism, mass media and broadcasting
Silent Voices and Local Women’s Handicrafts are partnering to build a Learning Center in GoganPur Village to empower marginalized local women through quality education and long-term ethical employment. We believe that Education, as a driving force for growth and social-economic development, is key. We envision women as leaders in their communities, in control of their own lives, their own rights, and their own decisions. Two thirds of illiterate adults are women. Not only is education a key driver of economic growth, but also a catalyst for empowering women. Women’s empowerment is one of the most strategic way to increase the number of women decision-makers. With this project in the GongaPur village, we aim to: - Achieve gender equality and empowerment of local women; - Realize the rights and opportunities of women and girls; - Eradicate local extreme poverty and hunger; - Reduce social exclusion; - Reduce child labor.
Volunteers: 1 needed
1-5 hours per week / 8 weeks
-Creativity and ownership; -Excellent organizational and time management skills; -Proactive approach towards work and resourceful attitude; -Ability to use storytelling skills to write compelling content for social media; -Good knowledge of social media and content marketing; -We will give you a general guideline, but you’ll have freedom to build the plan and propose what you believe is best. We hope the result of your work will be as valuable to us as it will be for you.

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