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Global Support Centre Secretary-General Team Members

Social Development International (SODEIT)

30 Jul 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
30 Jul 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
- Maintaining updated records including meeting minutes and agenda, official replies, useful documents and all work accomplished by each team of the global support centre; - Keep close track of the achievements and articulate the success of the global support centre to prepare detailed reports according to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and goals of other major bodies such as the African Union; - Reach out to and provide support on official letter and statement writing to all stakeholders including the UN, Cameroon Government, local governments, international charities; - Work with Video Team to deliver Team S’s work in moving images; - Develop official reports and promote the work and the achievements of the global support centre to create global impact and establishment recognitions in order to generate more future support; - Proofread the official documents prepared by other teams; - Act as custodian of the support centre’s governing documents.
COVID-19 Response
Other development programme/project experience
SODEIT Global Support Centre was established in April 2020 in response to Covid-19, Anglophobia Crisis and the ongoing local challenges to vulnerable communities in Cameroon. The support centre was launched with over 400 United Nations online volunteers who came together with one mission – to safeguard the vulnerable communities in Cameroon. The support centre operates virtually and is divided into 18 teams led by 30 team leaders from across the world who dedicate over 30 hours per week to this humanitarian aid. Each team member uses the skills learnt so far in life to build a safer, healthier and caring living environment with the other team members who they have not met before and for the people who they do not know so well. However, all of them have a common purpose and no matter how difficult the challenges may be, they are pursuing their best endeavours to change for good. The change has started in April and will be continuing with our global virtual support centre, a rather new concept we are implementing in the world. We welcome you to join and support as one of us.
Volunteers: 5 needed
11-20 hours per week / 20 weeks
You must be responsive and responsible. We need to start now and we are only recruiting the top professionals who are proactive and passionate.

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