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Developing Micro-Donations Fundraising Projects on Google One Today

Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement - Sierra Leone

06 Nov 2019 This opportunity is no longer available Share
06 Nov 2019 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
Twenty-First Century African Youth Movement is developing new micro-donations crowdfunding projects to be displayed on Google’s One Today mobile App. The donations will be significant sources of funding for initiatives in our core programs: Art, Agriculture, Ecotourism, Education, Entrepreneurship and, Healthcare. With the micro-donations projects, AYM will make charitable donations to our causes a more social and frequent experience. Volunteers will research and write these short projects as following: 1. a featured image; 2. Featured project title 40 characters; 3. How your gift helps (e.g., $1 = 50 days of clean water for a child); 4. Did you know? (what the impact of the donation will be in 150 characters; 5. Project description in 400 characters (How project solves the problem presented. With details such as: who benefits, what they receive, the location of the project). 25 volunteers to create 150 projects. Collaborations: WhatsApp emails and Skype.
Project development and management
Marketing and advertising
One Today projects require planning and clear understanding of our core programs, the initiatives and services we provide. The brief Projects show where the impact of one dollar will stretch further. We expect to write 150 with 25 volunteers, each one for four projects. Funds from One Today will help AYM create employment for youths in Sierra Leone and across Africa through our six core programs. One Today projects will be reliable sources of funding outside the traditional scopes and will complement all other grant initiatives. We will provide training and direction for volunteers by collectively developing on the project and submitting it for approval. The process will help volunteers understand the systematic approach to conceptualizing, planning and, implementing a project. Monies derived from One Today and explicitly assigned to the initiated services. The planning and creativity for raising funds through One Today are consistent with the AYM desire to use creativity and efficient planning to develop sustainable programs that will create direct jobs to youths in the communities we serve or, formulate entrepreneurial plans that provide sources of income for the youth.
Volunteers: 25 needed
6-10 hours per week / 10 weeks
Volunteers must be creative with a background in marketing and experience in nonprofit fundraising. Volunteers must be familiar with the Google One Today Apps. We only consider applications for a first project idea or project draft instead of CV or resumes to support volunteer qualifications.

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