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Data collection for the 2022 United Nations E-Government Survey (Tajik)

UN DESA Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government

27 Apr 2021 Apply now Share
27 Apr 2021 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
The main objective of this assignment is to contribute to data and case studies research for the 2022 United Nations E-Government Survey by conducting online assessment of national-level and/or city-level public sector portals and associated official websites in a specific number of United Nations Member States to be assigned. Successful candidates will each be assigned between 2 to 4 countries and/or cities for review, according to his/her language skills. Timeline and tasks: - Between 28 June -28 July 2021 - training and pilot assessment (approx. 2 days total) - Between 28 July–30 September 2021 - on-line data gathering and assessment (approx. 3 days per country assigned) Support to Online Volunteers: Coordination, monitoring and task related advisory and administrative support. We recognize the volunteers’ contribution in the publication.
Policy, regulation, planning and education and capacity building
One of the primary activities of the Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government (DPIDG) in the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is the assessment of the use and potential of ICTs to transform the public sector in all 193 Member States in their official languages through its flagship publication entitled the United Nations E-Government Survey. Based on a questionnaire provided by DPIDG, the volunteer is expected to participate in data research and assessment of Member States’ national portals and associated official website(s) to collect data on the provision of e-services for the 2022 UN E-government Survey. The Survey presents the ranking of e-government development across all 193 Member States, enabling decision makers to identify the areas of strengths and challenges and to define appropriate policies, strategies and solutions.
Volunteers: 2 needed
6-10 hours per week / 6 weeks
Candidates must be fluent in English and Tajik. Research capabilities, analytical skills and IT skills are required. Understanding of public policy, public administration and e-government is desirable. *Please note that we cannot accept candidates who are currently Government employees or civil servants, or those working for government affiliated agencies connected to e-government services.
English, Tajik

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