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Transcribe MY World Survey response in English and help ensure People's Voices count:

UN SDG Action Campaign

07 Dec 2017 This opportunity is no longer available Share
07 Dec 2017 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
The MY World 2030 survey is capturing citizen priorities related to the Sustainable Development Goals. It is a UN survey that is shared and disseminated by partners around the world. In many contexts, the best way to gather responses is on paper ballots. These responses then need to be transcribed into a simple excel form, to submit to the global database (see Millions of responses will be collected this way in the coming months. We are seeking a pool of online volunteers who agree to review batches of ballots - delivered to you as a scanned pdf or other file format, and transcribe the responses to a simple excel template. We would collect hundreds of responses at a time and you can work through them at a flexible pace. Approximate rate is around 60 responses/hour. Online Volunteers commit to a min of 600 or more.
None in particular
The United Nations MY World 2030 survey is gathering people’s views on the Sustainable Development Goals. Data will be gathered to build up a picture of progress from now until 2030. WHY IS THE UN CARRYING OUT THIS SURVEY? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as the ‘Global Goals’ are a ground-breaking plan signed by 193 world leaders at the UN. Seventeen Goals to build a better world for everyone by 2030. The survey questions directly link to the Goals and the answers will help feed into the UN’s and governments’ monitoring of progress on these Goals, raising awareness of important issues and giving a ‘people’s perspective’ from the ground, in real-time. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE SURVEY RESULTS? The UN is working with governments everywhere to implement the ambitious set of Goals to address extreme poverty and preserve the planet. The data from this MY World survey are publicly available and open to everyone to analyse and share at These data are being presented back to local and world leaders and decision makers at key moments.
Volunteers: 20 needed
1-5 hours per week / 4 weeks
No special training required. Attention to detail and commitment to accuracy are important.

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