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Analysis of Plastic Pollution in Asia and the Pacific Region

UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

05 Jul 2019 This opportunity is no longer available Share
05 Jul 2019 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
The main task for the researchers will be to compile information on the following areas around plastics: 1. National and state Rules and regulations on recycling and plastic waste, 2. taxes and subsidies on plastic production/plastic waste management, 3. plastic production and origin of plastic in the country and amount of import/export and the industry or sector it is most related; 4. Plastic recycling capacities in the country, public and private; 5. Advocacy and campaigns on plastic pollution by NGOs/CSOs. The researcher will contribute to a regional report on plastic pollution, based on the research material provided by researchers, which will summarize the status on plastic pollution for each country and highlight best practices from the region. For each of the 42 countries in the region a 2-3-page summary of the national status
Energy, environment and sustainable natural resources management
Plastic pollution has become one of the most pressing environmental issues, as rapidly increasing production of disposable plastic products overwhelms the world’s ability to deal with them. Asia Pacific region tackling the plastic pollution alongside its increasing growth rate and increasing plastic production. UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub is carrying out a research on practices and rules on plastic waste in the Asia Pacific Region and is looking for enthusiastic researchers to volunteer to conduct research on the laws and practices by private sector on plastic pollution and NGO/CSO actions around plastic pollution in ALL countries Region. The project is in line with UNDP’s six signature solutions, supporting the SDG 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production and SDG 13 on Climate Action. We seek volunteers to conduct full-time research for a period of 8 weeks, to produce a written output based on their research, and support drafting the full regional report in collaboration with other UNVs and the BRH focal point, between the months July to September 2019.
Volunteers: 15 needed
11-20 hours per week / 8 weeks
Strong researching and analytical skills and background in social sciences and qualitative and quantitative research skills is desirable. Must have proven research and coordination skills in a related field. Being willing to work in an online team, producing online research and checking others contributions and contributing to, as a group, making a final working paper.

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