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Support with the design of an infographic to get readers interested in the topic ‘climate risk management and peacebuilding’

UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

16 Oct 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
16 Oct 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
We are looking for 1-2 creative and motivated Online Volunteers to support our team with designing of an infographic that helps readers to get interested in the topic of ‘climate risk management and peacebuilding’. This infographic will be uploaded as UNDP-ODI’s contribution (digital product) for the upcoming GPW20. With this infographic, we want attract attention to the topic of “climate risk management and peacebuilding” by shortlisting a set of podcasts. The shortlist of podcasts will be presented in an appealing infographic (e.g. pizza shape with wedges….) and could be organized in terms of the sector origins: humanitarian, security, disaster, climate change. The Online Volunteers will be asked to create a design for the infographic which consists of approximately 1-2 pages of text, shapes, graphs and images. The design and its layout will be discussed/supported by UNDP/ODI but the organizations will rely on the expertise and creativity of the volunteer to propose a design.
Art and design
Web and graphic design
ODI and UNDP have been selected for the Geneva Peace week (GPW20) to submit a digital product. As we are planning a series of podcasts on climate risk management and peacebuilding” we want to start promoting the topic and existing podcasts through a well designed and appealing infographic. So, the infographic will be used to pique interest in the upcoming UNDP-ODI podcast series. And, internally, this will be useful background work to better understand what exists, and what gaps UNDP and ODI could usefully address in the future. UNDP and ODI have already done most of the background work on the selection of podcasts and classification of the information and would be able to submit the information to the designer. The contribution of the volunteer will help immensely to promote the topic of “links between climate risk management and peacebuilding” and to promote the upcoming podcast series on the same topic.
Volunteers: 2 needed
6-10 hours per week / 1 weeks
Candidates should have professional experience in graphic design with previous experience in designing document layouts, have in-depth knowledge of graphic design applications, good verbal and written communication skills. A degree in graphic design or related field is considered an asset.

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