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3-month research on Sustainable Development Goals Interface Ontology (SDGIO)

UNEP Science Division

22 May 2018 This opportunity is no longer available Share
22 May 2018 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
Review the metadata for SDGs indicators and: • Extract definitions of key elements (concepts, phenomena, etc) in the documents reviewed, systematically reporting on nuances and variation across geopolitical contexts. • Coordinate with research teams developing knowledge representation technologies, integrating the findings of their review into advanced information systems • Coordinate with UN Environment staff to target documents which are of pressing relevance.
Writing and editing
Knowledge management, archiving and documentation
SDGs Targets, and Indicators are directing national and international efforts to improve human wellbeing while preserving the planet’s ecosystems for the future. This process is complex and involves many actors which often operate under regional, national, or subnational understandings and requirements. With a diverse range of stakeholders, it is vital to ensure that the meaning of key terms in documents which guide the realisation of the SDGs is clearly specified and any variations well-represented and understood. To help address this challenge, a working group led by UN Environment is developing a semantic map of the SDGs using techniques from Knowledge Representation (KR), a branch of Artificial Intelligence. The main objectives are as follow:1.Review documents endorsed by the UN General Assembly and/or UN agencies which define entities of high relevance to the SDG process, harvesting these definitions while understanding and and reporting on their context, limitations, and caveats.2.For a selection of the definitions harvested in Objective 1, review their semantic variation across international, national, and subnational policies, directives, assessments,and similar documents
Volunteers: 5 needed
11-20 hours per week / 12 weeks
•Highly structured and organised in handling and referencing of textual information; •Ability to distill and summarise (inter)governmental documents such as policies, directives, and assessments into structured briefings, focusing on the definitions of key entities •Ability to proactively and effectively engage external organisations, people, or resources to complement and/or clarify points of encountered during their tasks;•Familiarity with the SDG process;•Ability to work in a diverse team

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