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U-Report Poll translations -Healthy diet and Active living survey (From English to Dhivehi)


22 Dec 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
22 Dec 2020 This opportunity is no longer available Share
Background and objectives
1. The Online Volunteers are expected to be fluent in the local language (preferably native) and English. 2. The Online Volunteer are required to submit the translation of each poll within 48 hours of the work assigned. The text in the word/poll will be approximately 1000 words. 3. The Online Volunteer should not be using google translation. 4. After the successful completion of 3 tasks, the volunteer will be provided a certificate.
Translation and interpretation
The South Asia Region (SAR) is home to an estimated 350 million adolescents (30% of the world’s adolescent population). It’s nearly 20% of this region’s 1.8 billion population. Given the data, this region predicts that adolescents will continue to be a significant proportion of South Asia’s population. It's imperative that adolescent health programming be given attention by health development partners. In order to reach this objective, the U-Report platform is looked at by UNICEF, Country Offices, and the regional office for South Asia. It is a conduit for the development of a series of polls with a focus on adolescent health and well-being. It is based on adolescent health literacy needs and evidence-generation needs regarding young people’s self-reported knowledge, practices, and perceptions through polling. U-Report is an online tool to communicate and share issues that matter to young people. It allows them from any community and the world to respond to polls, and become positive agents of change. Once joined in the U-Report community they are able to take polls and share young people’s issues and voices with other young people and policymakers. www.southasia.ureport.in
Volunteers: 2 needed
11-20 hours per week / 13 weeks
1. Education-bachelor’s degree or more 2. As part of the selection process the candidates will be required to submit a paragraph translated into the local language. 3. Certificate of completion will be provided 4. Should be able to work under tight deadlines. 5. Should have an interest in youth empowerment and youth engagement related work. 6. A background in translation and having an understanding of the youth-friendly tone of voice is an advantage.
English, Dhivehi

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