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English into Spanish Translation of the "UNOY Youth4Peace Training Toolkit"

United Network of Young Peacebuilders

21 May 2019 Apply now Share
21 May 2019 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
UNOY Peacebuilders has recently developed a youth-friendly and conflict-sensitive 'Youth4Peace Training Toolkit' for all beginners and intermediate youth trainers and educators! With the help of UNOY members, youth trainers and experts from all over the world, UNOY has put together several modules, many useful tips and samples of session outlines to develop contextual training on peacebuilding, conflict transformation and creating peaceful narratives. We are looking for three online volunteers to translate the toolkit from English into Spanish. The toolkit has 136 pages and the online volunteer translator must maintain the structure and style of the original meaning while keeping the ideas and facts. The online volunteer is expected to have professional translation experience in Spanish, familiarity with the terminology of youth & peace and a professional approach to time and deadlines. UNOY will recognise and give credit to the volunteers on the translated version of the toolkit.
Translation and interpretation
United Network of Young Peacebuilders’ (UNOY Peacebuilders) Youth4Peace Training Toolkit brings the concepts and practice of delivering educational activities on conflict transformation & peacebuilding and the creation of peaceful narratives. This toolkit is the result of a direct request from young peacebuilders in UNOY Peacebuilders’ network who wanted to have access to training resources, with very concrete examples of programming and methods, particularly from areas where opportunities to participate in on-site trainings on conflict transformation & peacebuilding are rather limited. We hope that this toolkit is going to be a useful tool for the beginners and intermediate youth trainers and educators to start or further implement educational programmes on peace and transforming conflicts and narratives targeting youth through non-formal education. By making this toolkit accessible online, we hope to support the shift in narratives by equipping young people with basic understanding of core concepts, matched with relevant and practical non-formal education methods to promote the creation of an enabling environment for peace.
Volunteers: 3 needed
6-10 hours per week / 9 weeks
• Must be able to demonstrate strong writing and communication skills in both Spanish and English. • Edit and proofread text to accurately reflect Spanish • Interpret both youth peacebuilding terminology and colloquial language. • Previous experience in translating written materials online • Render spoken messages accurately, quickly, and clearly.
English, Spanish

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