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Association of African Entrepreneurs

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We are looking for a volunteer to help promote our project on discussion forums of similar-minded/relevant websites.

The volunteer would be ask to prepare a list of possible sites where she/he would consider using to share information on our project.

The Association of African Entrepreneurs (AAE) has commissioned Project AAE to expand activity across Africa. AAE supports sustainable development in businesses across the continent. The key focus is on advocacy, education, information and networking support for entrepreneurial small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The required promotions would connect stakeholders to the various aspects of the project and help them get more involved.

Number of volunteers: 2


The Association of African Entrepreneurs (AAE,Ghana) is an organization working with Small Scale Operators with the cooperation of the micro-operators in rural areas.


Our vision is to become the voice of change and platform for dialogue among the African people as well as involving the International audience to be a part in helping developing nations promote the entrepreneurial spirit. (

Region or country
Sub-Saharan Africa
Development topic
Income generation and employment


Good experience in internet research and online forum

Areas of expertise
None in particular
Hours per week
Duration in weeks