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    To help and provide for poor, disabled and destitute especialy children, women and the aged, the most neglected and vulnerable of Gwalior and Chambal region in India, one of the most backward area with a population of about 11 million with six million being children and 90000 are disabled children. This charity has been providing services to these vulnerable peole for last eight years through Hospitals, schools and Orphanages. With "Radha" we initiate a hospice for children with HIV to care for Radha and other children.
    Sunrise Intl. School started as an intigrated School for main stream and children with mild learning disabilities while Snehalaya meaning home with love started as a care home with school for special needs and vocational training centre for disabled and destitute children with aims to make them independent and able to lead their life with self respect and esteem. At present there are 70 residents including 37 children in Snehalaya but plans are in place to make it a facility for 200 children with a hospital on site. More than 1000 children in existing Orphanages and schools in slum areas have been adopted by this charity supporting for their health and education needs.
    Volunteers from all walks of life are welcome to help us raise funds, to create awareness about this cause and to work with us to train local staff and students and provide their services to the community there at Gwalior in India. Students and trainees are welcome to gain work experience too. We need your support to carry on with this work and for its expansion. All donations in U.K., U.S.A. and India are tax exempted as per tax rules in the country. For more information or donations on line contact us or visit our website