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Youngstars Development Initiative (Youngstars Foundation)


About Youngstars

We are a Pan African youth NGO that is building young people and youth organization to actively participate in accountable leadership, impactful democratic governance and breakthrough innovations for the continent.

We envision an Africa where the youth are deliberately developed to reach their fullest potentials, and actively leading the continent to sustainable peace, good governance, development and prosperity.

Our objectives include

  1. Increasing the quantity of high pedigree young leaders achieving global impact.
  2. Increasing capacity building platforms for youth to actively participate in promoting public accountability, impactful and sustainable democratic governance.
  3. Increasing youth voice and capacity to actively participate in public leadership at all levels and to actualize youth priorities.
  4. Boosting youth collaboration towards homegrown African innovations, inventions and solutions for the continents challenges.

Our activities include

Research – Workshops and Trainings – Conferences and Forum – Debates – Challenges – Advocacies – Online Engagement – Video/Television/Radio productions and programming – Membership Clubs, Campaigns

Opportunities from this organization

This organization has not created any opportunities yet.