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Mentoring Youth Startups in Kenya to Scaleup and Thrive

Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development

05 Apr 2021 Apply now Share
05 Apr 2021 Apply now Share
Background and objectives
Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YELD) is a nonprofit organization focused on youth empowerment. We strive to complement efforts made by international development partners and governments to scale up youth enterprise development. The ideal business start-up mentor is an individual who is experienced in business and wishes to assist others with getting their ideas for a company off the ground. The ideal mentor or advisor will provide support and guidance to young Kenyan entrepreneurs assigned by YELD Kenya to successfully establish and scale up their new business start-ups. The mentor or advisor will be expected to communicate with their assigned mentees 1-2 times a week or agree on a suitable communication schedule. The mentorship program duration is one year and mentors will be expected to commit till the end of the program.
Teaching and training
Youth and sports
The resource mobilization strategy is key to sustaining the activities of grassroots organizations such as the Youth Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development (YELD) in her service delivery to youth entrepreneurs. One of such critical resources remains both the local and international volunteer community. The volunteer mentors will contribute to strengthening the YELD mission effectiveness for the organization that will lead to increased capacity development to carry out her programs and projects in realizing the entrepreneurial success of under-resourced startups in our mentorship programs. YELD strives to complement efforts made by international development partners and governments to scale up youth enterprise development. However, finding passionate and competent mentors willing to commit time and expertise is a challenge. Hence, the need for passionate, dedicated, and competent mentors to promote and enhance YELD’s mission - That is where the services of the volunteers become indispensable. After the successful collaboration for this assignment, the online volunteers will be awarded certificates of appreciation, and their input shall be mentioned in the relevant publications.
Volunteers: 25 needed
6-10 hours per week / 26 weeks
It’s impossible to become a mentor without first having accumulated some business knowledge for oneself, usually through running a successful business, or solid experience as a company executive. As the young and idealistic entrepreneurs are seeking advice, the mentor must be sufficiently equipped in terms of knowledge and experience, and not necessarily a towering raft of college or university diplomas and certificates, which signify a grasp of theory fundamentals but no real-world application.

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