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Humanity’s interest towards animal-sourced products spans millennia, yet in only the past decades has animal agriculture reached enormous capacity worldwide. Globally, over one trillion animals are raised & killed for food per year, creating an unparalleled shift over the last century in resource allocation towards non-human animals. This shift has called for ecological costs locally and globally from water, land, and energy, to the result of their mere existence intrinsically producing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and biological waste. Indeed, agricultural animals have always required these aforementioned environmental prerequisites to survive, but only recently have practices within animal agriculture rapidly changed towards systems which serve as a conduit for problems, such as containing animals in close quarters. Recent analyses have indicated a new-found ecological salience for large-scale animal husbandry. LCA of products within animal agriculture and international governmental data culminated in the past decades to shed light on the problems at hand, specifically environmental areas of concern from animal husbandry. This compendium will primarily address three such environmental categories: Water, Land, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions. 

Founded by Kristopher Gasteratos and his colleagues at Harvard University, Cellular Agriculture Society  (CAS) is an international 501c3 nonprofit using donations to advance cellular agriculture, the production of animal products from cells rather than entire animals. Since the problems posed by animal agriculture affect all humanity at a global scale, it’s important that cellular agriculture is promoted all around the world. For cellular agriculture will only make its tremendous impact when it is expanded upon the planetary scale, and beyond. It is vital that volunteers around the world are given the opportunity to work together progressing cellular agriculture. The benefits will affect us all and as such, we believe everyone should have an opportunity to accelerate its imminent entry into society.


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Cellular Agriculture Society

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