Morobe Development Foundation Inc.


Morobe Development Foundation Inc. aims to help young people reach their full potential, utilize these talents in the wider community, and become role models for other young people.

MDF was established to address a broader and more diverse range of objectives. MDF work through the use of dance, music and drama, MDF’s primary aim is to ensure that women participate equally in decision making in any project undertaken, including projects related to Ending Violence against Women, and promoting human rights.

The organization has 16 employees, of which 7 are female and 9 male. The employees are responsible for the coordination of the various projects but also some for the performance and teaching of the music, drama and dance.

MDF members are primarily unemployed youths located in Lae City, Morobe Province. The majority of the members belong to the Kalvary Lutheran Church, which is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG).

MDF uses the talents of its members to address the many issues affecting the communities in the Morobe Province, with a particular focus on the settlements in and around Lae City. Through active participation, members of MDF have subsequently become role models within their community; they promote involvement with MDF as an alternative to being involved in criminal activities. MDF has been actively involved in raising awareness, promoting education, conducting workshops and theatre training on a variety of health, gender, and social issues. The workshops and projects have been supported by the Morobe Provincial Aids Council and the Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission (PNGEC). With the support of the PNGEC and AusAid, MDF successfully carried out awareness on Good Governance in 2000, 2011, and the Local Level Government Election in 2013. 

Morobe Development Foundation Inc has recently diversified its Objective to support Community Development Projects such as Mini Hydro, Rural Water Supply, Farming and Agriculture or any Community Development Innitiative in the Rural Communities of Papua New Guinea.

We are looking our for support from Expert Volunteers within the United Nation Countries to help us to fully develop our capacity to sustain our activities and meet the Papua New Guinean Government Devlopment Golas.

With that support we would reach the illiterate and isolated communities who for the last 42 years had been denied their basic human rights to have access to basic services such as communication, health and education. 

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Otras oportunidades con esta organización

Creating animated video for children on leatherback turtle conservation
Sensibilización y promoción

Creating animated video for children on leatherback turtle conservation

Morobe Development Foundation Inc.

6-10 Horas / semana
Arte, música, fotografía y cine
Papua Nueva Guinea
Support for Crowd Funding to produce a documentary film on illegal logging
Liderazgo y estrategia

Support for Crowd Funding to produce a documentary film on illegal logging

Morobe Development Foundation Inc.

11-20 Horas / semana
Movilización de recursos, coordinación de asociación y donantes