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Help to write contents for a website in English or French

Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

11 Marzo 2019 Esta oportunidad no está disponible Compartir
11 Marzo 2019 Esta oportunidad no está disponible Compartir
Contexto y objetivos
The online volunteers will write 3 news stories and weekly newsletter as a report of activities accomplished in recent 5 days ago to be published every end of week, Saturday, on website and blog. Three short news stories per week will be produced in 3 categories of our 3 pilot projects. Each news story has, minimun of 500 words. It's describe weekly activities done and newsletter will report actions done from Monday to Friday and what are scheduled in 5 next days. We focus on 3 projects: early childhood via education and global care, health care and economic empowerment via Microfinance project. To do your job you can search article similar to our projects or interview local team to know what each did in 5 days ago or what each will do in 5 next days. You give us article by email to be proofreaded before being published on ASASS website. You must have writing skills and work experience in field. We will guide you and collaboration via Whatsapp chat and email exchange.
Redacción y edición
Periodismo, medios de comunicación de masas y retransmisión
ASASS-BURUNDI has a website that needs to be fed with news stories, graphic designs of images, videos and reports. Those products need to cover healthcare, education, peace and human rights themes, related to the work of our organization. - To showcase about the work of ASASS-Burundi - To sensitize readers, donors, grant-making foundations through news stories and photos - To attract more supporters, volunteers via inspiring news stories - Create an archive of news
Voluntarios: 5 requeridos
6-10 horas por semana/ 16 semanas
- English and French Skills and writing experience in either English or French, -You have a degree, -You have ability to admin web and use WordPress - Ability to use adobe creator and other multimedia for publishing attractive news articles, - Skills in creation of text stories, and knowledge to publish them to web sites.
Inglés, Francés

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Good to Know

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