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Deliver online career and university pathway course abroad to refugee and international students

Association pour la Solidarité et l'Assistance Socio-Sanitaire

16 Septiembre 2019 Envía tu solicitud Compartir
16 Septiembre 2019 Envía tu solicitud Compartir
Contexto y objetivos
Professors are needed by ASASS nonprofits in Burundi to use their free time to deliver a short-term online career courses and international university pathway courses to a small online class of refugees and international students. You must be instructor, teaching or working at university accredited in Africa, U.S or Canada and UK and you agree commitment of minimum 4 weeks, train and evaluate students. You choose language, length of a course and a subject from range career or international university preparatory programs. Minimum of 50 students in your class will be admitted. Your teach, evaluation, monitor progress and communicates with students and with program administrators. You use LMS or web to receive files submitted by students including assignments, etc. You are expected to upload course, share files, read posts, comments, evaluate students and award certificate via our online web or LMS to a successful student. Courses contents include text for reading, audio and video.
Formación y preparación
Otra experiencia en educación, enseñanza o formación
Unemployment persist because young people and adults do not have necessary skills to enter in job market. Poverty cannot alleviated if people do not have skills or knowledge to work against poverty. Technologies with internet are solution for all problems. Professors form various universities of the world with their courses endorsed by their university head, can help solve problem of shortage of knowledge and skills for employment in poor countries and among refugees and international students if they use effectively their free time in an online training institution. Objective is: 1) To network with international professors from universities, 2) Inspire head of universities to recognize volunteer services of their professors 3) Enable professors to use effectively their free time to train refugees and international students 4) Train online and award certificate to a minimum of 10,000 student worldwide by 2021. 5) Celebrate international year of students and professors or during volunteer day,
Voluntarios: 21 requeridos
6-10 horas por semana/ 4 semanas
0) know to use ODOO, OPENEDUCAT, MOODLE TECHNOLOGY 1) You must be worker in or a professor at accredited university in Africa, UK, U.S or Canada 2) Able to upload course content or deliver courses online 3) Ability to monitor, evaluate, post file, post feedback, communicate, manage class and course 4) Ability to use Learning management System (LMS) , website to update course, share, evaluate 5) Availability, flexibility 6)Complete your task ,award certificate to successful student.
Inglés, Francés

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