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Design a research report related to land rights

Namati Inc.

17 Septiembre 2019 Esta oportunidad no está disponible Compartir
17 Septiembre 2019 Esta oportunidad no está disponible Compartir
Contexto y objetivos
Namati has drafted a report on the capacity of communities to respond to external threats to their land rights. We are looking for someone with graphic design skills to produce a more visually compelling PDF publication of the full report (42-pages, single-spaced, including footnotes), as well as of the executive summary (approximately 5 pages). This project will include designing seven basic bar and pie charts and one slightly more-detailed bar chart; a cover page; and a table of contents for inclusion in the full-length report. The report design does not need to be complex or highly-sophisticated; a clean, simple treatment and arrangement of the text and visual elements will suffice. Use of a template is fine. Namati will provide the brand guidelines, text and photos, and will identify key sentences that could be used for pull quotes. Project deliverables: PDF file of the final full report (optimized for low file size); PDF of the executive summary; design files.
Arte y diseño
Diseño gráfico y en web
Namati is equipping communities to understand, use, and shape the law to address urgent justice challenges around the world. One of these challenges is the mounting threat to land rights. In many countries, rural communities do not have formal recognition or documentation of their rights to their land, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation by investors looking for cheap land and resources for logging, mining, agribusiness, and tourism. In such instances, investors may claim land that community members rely on for their livelihoods; pollute local rivers, lakes, air and soil; block access to sacred areas and paths to water sources; and violate community members’ human rights. Namati and partners have worked to legally empower 100 rural communities across 3 countries to prevent such exploitations. This report is a thorough assessment of the projects' impacts and outcomes. We believe that this study will contribute new learnings, ideas, and questions regarding effective approaches for securing community land rights around the world.
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11-20 horas por semana/ 2 semanas
The successful candidate will need to have proven graphic design skills and experience with design software such as InDesign, QuarkXpress, or Pages. Ideally, the candidate will have a degree or certificate related to graphic design. A work sample will be requested.

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