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Global Support Centre – Partnership and Resource Mobilization Team Members

Social Development International (SODEIT)

22 Julio 2021 Envía tu solicitud Compartir
22 Julio 2021 Envía tu solicitud Compartir
Contexto y objetivos
Team will: • Support the Director in conceiving, developing SODEIT Partnership and Resource Mobilization Plan, including the related action plan, which details ongoing fundraising efforts across the office to address resource gaps; • Act as the main knowledge point for intelligence on donors: Keep up to date with the latest developments and initiatives of relevance (e.g. strategic partnership opportunities, donor trends, new funding initiatives on thematic areas announced by international donors, donors announcing interest in Central and West Africa regions, donors contributing to emergency appeals, etc.); • Participate in relevant webinars, trainings, workshops etc. organized by partners or others in the region and share gained intelligence afterwards with the office; • Track and monitor all partnerships and resource mobilization efforts in the regions and systematically keep records, process, share information and updates with the Director and relevant sections;
Sensibilización y promoción
Gestión de programas de desarrollo
SODEIT Global Support Centre was established in April 2020 in response to manmade and natural disasters in West and Central Africa and the ongoing local challenges to vulnerable communities in Cameroon and Sierra Leone. The support Centre was launched with over 500 United Nations online volunteers who came together with one mission – to safeguard the vulnerable communities in Cameroon and Sierra Leone. The support Centre operates virtually and is divided into 20 teams led by 40 team leaders from across the world who Dedicate over 30 hours per week to this humanitarian aid. Each team member uses the skills learnt so far in life to build a safer, healthier and caring living environment with the other team members who they have not met before and for the people who they do not know so well. However, all of them have a common purpose and no matter how difficult the challenges may be, they are pursuing their best endeavors to change for good. The change has started in April 2020 and will be continuing with our global virtual support Centre, a rather new concept we are implementing in the world. We welcome you to join and support as one of us. Leaving the World Better Place than we met.
Voluntarios: 25 requeridos
6-10 horas por semana/ 26 semanas
• Bachelor/Master’s or equivalent and terminal degree in a relevant area, e.g. marketing or area related to partnership, fundraising and resource mobilization; • 03 -10 years of professional work experience at the national and/or international level in resource mobilization or M&E, or other relevant programmes; experience with project management is an asset, as is experience working in the UN, EU, ADB, AU or other international development organization; • Excellent oral and written skills;

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