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Community Based Rehabilitation Alliance



COMBRA envisions a world where all persons with disabilities have equal opportunities in society.

COMBRA Mission

To empower communities, for effective mainstreaming of persons with disabilities in development programmes, using the Community Based Approach for sustainable development.

Accountability, Empowerment, Accountability, Innovativeness, Integrity,
Team Spirit, Transparency


•Develop positive attitudes towards persons with disabilities and promote self- reliance and integration into the mainstream.

•Liase and network with Government and Non-Governmental Organisations of and for persons with disabilities both locally and internationally for information, support and cooperation.

•Develop and sustain an international centre for capacity building of community based rehabilitation workers.

•Facilitate development of technical skills that can be utilised in designing and production of assistive aids that are economically realistic and culturally acceptable, using appropriate technology.

•Put in place income generating activities and capacity building strategies for further development and sustainability of the Organisation.


Activities are to be implemented under the four major departments namely; Training, Appropriate Technology, Community Programme, Business Development and Finance and Administration. Activities under the Deaf Child project supported by Deaf Child Worldwide (DCW) were major achievements of the year as COMBRA focused on strengthen Deafness in COMBRA programmes. During the report period there was a notable achievement as regards conducting tailor made courses.

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