Produce content in Portuguese for our Scout Group's 2017 Annual Report

Grupo Escoteiro do Mar Ilha de Vitória - 11º/ES

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Redacción y edición
Relaciones públicas e informes públicos
Voluntarios: 2 requeridos
1-5 horas por semana / 6 semanas
Contexto y objetivos
Produce our Annual Report CONTENTS, with pictures and text written in Brazilian Portuguese, with our most important achievements in 2017 in our mission to contribute to young people growth as active citizens and to make them agents of positive changes who inspire others to take action. The Report's formatting, design, and graphical art will be produced as a separate task that may be assigned to other volunteers later. An official certificate of recognition will be awarded upon task completion.1- The writer will just produce the the content scratched in a simple text + images. Format and beauty will be delivered as a separate task to be assigned later 2- Document should be delivered in Microsoft word2013 or higher format 3- typical daily logistics of the task involves reading posts in the scout group blog and selecting most important taks, events and facts and gathering information from there, google hangouts meeting and e-mails for status updates and questions and answers.
The Sea Scout Group Ilha de Vitória is celebrating its 21th anniversary an it is in an evident grow up curve both in quality of its activities and in the number of volunteers, partners, children and youth engaged. The 2017 Annual report will be presented to the following audiences in 2018: 1- Associates at 2018 General Ordinary Assembly as an official report 2- Potential supporters of the Scout Group, therefore being the main tool for fund-raising initiatives 3- Potential volunteers, being one important tool in recruitment campaigns 4- Web site visitors, as an advertising tool It must show that the Scout Group is aligned with the Scout method and goals, show its outstanding performance and growing, the engagement of its current volunteers, the happiness of its children and youths and the active participation of parents and volunteers. It must also present quantitative values like number of associates at the begin and end of the year, cash flow, assets, partners list and what has been each partner contribution. The final version of the annual report will be published in our web site and online volunteers will receive due credits for their contributions to its content.
Excellent writing skills (Portuguese-mandatory, English-desirable); Ability to search on the internet for benchmark and references before starting the report writing; Ability read and summarize activities reports in the Scout Group blog and to interpret the significance of these events to Scout Group goals; Please upload your CV in Portuguese and, if it is the case, include samples of similar works delivered. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a google hangouts interview

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