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Research for the most appropriate free/low cost online accounting system for a small not for profit organisation

The Gracious Foundation

29 Noviembre 2018 Esta oportunidad no está disponible Compartir
29 Noviembre 2018 Esta oportunidad no está disponible Compartir
Contexto y objetivos
The Gracious Foundation is a not for profit organisation registered in Kenya. It focuses on supporting children from poor backgrounds to access education, supporting youth and women empowerment programmes. More information is available on the organisation website Since it was founded in 2010, the Gracious Foundation has been using excel sheets to manage all financial information. The foundation needs to shift to a proper accounting system. The volunteers will research available online accounting solutions and make recommendations on the most appropriate. The volunteers will be given a checklist with key system characteristics to look for. Each volunteer will fill in the checklist individually. An online facilitated discussion will be organised by a foundation staff for volunteers to discuss pros and cons of each software, and collectively make suggestions. Volunteers have access to the foundation office 365 tools for support and collaboration.
Economía, finanzas, administración y recursos humanos
Since it was founded in 2010, the Gracious Foundation has been using excel sheets to manage all financial information. This was sufficient considering that the foundation had only one donor (the founder) and therefore relatively small amounts of money to handle. With expansion of its activities geographically and programmatically since start of 2018, there are opportunities to receive funding from other sources. To ensure that the foundation can prudently manage those resources there is need to establish a more robust finance and accounting system. The foundation commissioned an external audit in 2017 covering the period 2013-2017. One of the recommendations of the auditors was to improve its accounting systems and procedures. The contributions of the volunteers will help the foundation towards respond to those audit recommendations and to be organizationally ready to receive funding from other sources.
Voluntarios: 3 requeridos
6-10 horas por semana/ 4 semanas
Formal education in business and accounting at least up to diploma level. Computer literate and ability to conduct online research, test systems and write a report. Very good in using Microsoft Excel. Good verbal and written English communication. Ability to work remotely with people of different gender, ages, nationalities. Preferably based in East and Southern Africa or at least having understanding of the context in that sub-region regarding education, youth and women issues.

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